ISO Certification No. KQ 081068 KS Q ISO 9001:2015/ISO 9001:2015
CE Certification No. SZU-36-9322 SMD Reel Tower
CE Certification No. M8A 12 05 55131 003 Coating Master
CE Certification No. D1 05 01 55131 001 Laser Marker
CE Certification No. KPA 0000228 PCB Handling Machine
Patent No. 10-1778995 Tape reel storage device which has tape reel rotate method for barcode reading
Patent No. 10-1773356 Tape reel storage device
Patent No. 10-1667972 Tape reel storage device which tape reel individual supply function
Patent No. 10-1651111 Tape reel storage device which tape reel individual supply function
Patent No. 10-1415620 Spread method and spread device of aqueous damp proofing insulation material at mounted circuit board
Patent No. 10-0754831 Printed circuit board reversing device
Patent No. 10-0754834 Printed circuit board separating device
Patent No. 10-0665519 Rack buffer for PCB assembling equipment
Patent No. 0440633 Wafer processing equipment
Patent No. 0301797 Printer expulsion loader of electronic parts inserter
Patent No. 0279205 Printer board feeding device of electornic parts inserter
Utility Model Registration No. 0396973 PCB cooler
Utility Model Registration No. 0365017 Board label supplying equipment
Utility Model Registration No. 0255685 Dust remover for printer board
Utility Model Registration No. 125270 Secondary Soldering device of printed board and IC chip using nitrogen gas
Utility Model Registration No. 118870 Selectable feeder of printer board
Utility Model Registration No. 118562 Palate feeder for electronic parts
Utility Model Registration No. 118555 Pinter board feeder
Utility Model Registration No. 091050 PCB feeding jig of printer board supplier
Utility Model Registration No. 089308 Printer board feeder
Trademark Registration No. 40-1050207 Coating material painting equipment for printed circuit board etc (4 cases)
Trademark Registration No. 40-0663993 Cooler for printed circuit board assembly line
Design Registration No. 133888 Printer board supplying equipment
Design Registration No. 133889 Feeding deck for feeding printer board
Design Registration No. 124668 Printer board supplying deck